Get rhyming!!

Get rhyming!!

The last few weeks in Year 3 have been fun filled. I have enjoyed writing a poem about the weather especially discovering words which rhyme. Can you think of any weather words and find another word to rhyme?

Perhaps your words could be on the topical theme of’ snowy weather’…….who knows you may end up writing a poem!

Du’a 3J


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  1. I have really enjoyed year 3 topics,especially when we learned about the Acient Greece. I enjoyed painting and drawing Ancient Greek vases,first we painted the vases browns and oranges,next we drew with black charcoal,people doing the Olympic sports.I loved it!

    I also liked learning about weather around the world. The hottest counties are the ones that are near or on the equator.

    In our learning challenge books we did a double page,we studied a country where we have been to and we no really well, I did Lanzarote!

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